Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sketch Daily - Medusa

Good evening internet-land!

I'm back with another submission to @Sketch_Dailies. Today's topic was Medusa, and for some reason the idea of M having a 'bad hair day' jumped into my mind. So I decided to sketch it.

It must be hard for her to style her 'locks' without begin able to glance into a mirror. What with the unfortunate side effect of becoming a statue and all.

Anyway, hope ya'll dig. I have a lot more sketches to catch up to from last week so hopefully I'll have a lot more to post this week/end.

Not to mention wanting to get some more design work done for the side project.


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Weekend Catch-Up

Good evening all.

After a rather busy week at work, followed by a rather terrible Saturday morning (with residual lameness extending into Saturday proper) I found myself with a bit of free time today.

As such I made my way back to my computer and started some drawing. However, instead of working on my side-project like I should have done, I found myself getting sucked into working on the remaining two sketches for @Sketch_Dailies.

The first three sketches from the week are in my sketchbook, and I'll take pictures of them and post when available. In the meantime, here are my entries into Thursday and Friday's themes.

Jem and Prince.

Hope ya dig em'.