Monday, August 27, 2012

Well, good afternoon everyone.

So much for my posting a sketch every day. That really didn't come together the way I was hoping it would. But I did make sketches every day last week and today. And I'll even through in a guest sketch for a treat.

After my Trickster & Scotch sketches I decided to take a break from them and started working on something completely different. So I started doing a sketch that in my mind was to be named 'The Encounter'. I was more or less happy with the theme and general sketch of it (first sketch) but when I came back to work on it some more the next day I realized that I was falling out of love with it rapidly and could no longer work on it, so at the end of the day that sketch never went further than sketch two.

On Friday I worked on a sketch of things not going well for someone that tried to get the drop on a powerful young woman who is expertly trained. As well as dressed for a very exclusive night out.

And today's sketch is of some type of fantasy General, or some sort of Commander letting the stress of the impending combat situation get to him. The booze doesn't seem to be lifting his spirits, and the invitation of a comfortable bed with some warm company is being met with indifference. Let's hope that things end up working out for him and his party.

And the Guest Sketch Treat was done by my friend/coworker WB. It shows Trickster & Scotch fighting over the highly sought after keys to the motorcycle. Whoever has the keys gets to drive, while the other has to ride in the side-car. It also has a second sketch of the pair on said motorbike, and looks like Scotch lost out on getting the keys this time.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Detonated, not Stirred

Well there, it looks like you're ready for another round of Trickster and Scotch!

This time we meet up with our fearsome duo as they escape what was probably, at one time, a rather nice speedboat before it met with an untimely demise.

Of course, they escape with their own style. And by 'their own' I of course mean the same as every other action team ever on the face of the earth.

Well... maybe not before there were high-explosives. But this scene does go back a ways. At least as far back as 70s TV.

Anyhow, I hope you all are digging these sketches as much as I do making them.

G'night everyone.

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Adventures Trickster and Scotch

Good evening everyone.

I hope you had a great weekend.

This evening I am giving you a glimpse of something that has been in the formulation for a couple of months now. My buddy WB and I are quite funny. Mostly to ourselves, but others have also commented on our hilarity. So we decided to start a Podcast.

That never happened.

But the idea was always present. Then one fateful day we joined some co-workers for some drinks at a local brewery. WB has his favorite beverage there, and I have mine. Which then became the name of our Podcast. 'The Trickster and Scotch Half-Hour Comedy Hour'!

The Podcast still never happened.

But then our idea continued to evolve and what was born was something, probably a billion times greater than the original idea.

Possibly the greatest buddy-cop TV action/comedy/drama that has ever (or will ever) be put to film/digital media.

The Adventures of Trickster and Scotch!

Prepare yourselves for awesomeness.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Another Bulk Update

Well everyone, here's another set of sketches that I whipped out on Thursday and Friday.

So while I didn't get them posted on their respective days, the important thing is that I got the sketches done. And while I did continue working on the Wednesday sketch, I ended up making the female lead for the sketch a little too clean, making the upper portion of the sketch not match the lower portion. Oh well. If I had the gumption I would just 'ink' the entire thing and bring it all together.

Friday's sketch was partially inspired by the potential awesomeness of the game Sleeping Dogs, and the movie Hard Boiled. This is a set of friends, or possible partners for the Hong Kong police or something along those lines.

Anyway, I also recently found that a very good friend of mine released a game on iOS recently so please show some love and check it out.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sketches, Done. Posting... d'oh!

Good morning out there!

Well I only partly fell off the bandwagon already. I was able to work on some sketches yesterday and the day before, but I wasn't able to post them.

So, here they are.

Note: The sketch from yesterday was intended to have a young lady looking down at her comical love interest, but I didn't have time in my break to get it all done. I'll probably work on fleshing it out more today.

Hope ya'll dig.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Shinobi, in the Trees!

Good evening everyone.

Welcome back to what I'm hoping will be a return to form for me on this blog.

Today I fired up Sketchbook Pro on my MacBook during a break and put together this sketch of a Shinobi working his way up some trees.

This is also one of the few times that a photo reference was used, as I was more interested in seeing how the tied up hakama would move with the form while performing these types of actions rather than making a truly original sketch. It was my first sketch in a while, and I also treated it as an education exercise. So the internet helped me out.

Anywho, hope ya'll dig, and I'll see you back here tomorrow.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Trying to Get the Band Back Together

Good afternoon everyone.

It's a beautiful, sunny day here outside of ninjaboy's honbu dojo. The GF and our daughter are out of town for the day, and I'm taking some time before I have to start running errands, mowing the lawn and doing some housework before I go out to watch UFC 150 with some friends this evening.

And so, I decided to 'finally' post some sketches that I had done but never got around to posting for various lame reasons.

Work has finally slowed down for me and so I think that I'll be able to get back on track with my original 'sketch-a-day' intentions.

So without further delay, here is another sketch dump. These have been created using a mix of CS3 and Sketchbook Pro.