Friday, September 9, 2011

Sketch Dump

Good evening to those of you out there who happened by my digital dojo tonight. I hope you all are well and having a splendid time in these final hours of a very beautiful Friday (here in the Pacific Northwest).

I'm very sorry to say that I didn't get my sketching or blog posting, done as originally promised this week. But I did manage to sit down with the ol' Bamboo tablet and rapidly aging stylus to do two pages of random sketches.

The first was done yesterday during my lunch break, while the second was done today during one of my regular breaks. In between working on document outlines and reading project documents.

I hope you all get a kick out of em'. There was some fun stuff here. I was particularly entertained by sketching the minotaur head on page 2.

So until next week. Have a great weekend.

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