Monday, August 27, 2012

Well, good afternoon everyone.

So much for my posting a sketch every day. That really didn't come together the way I was hoping it would. But I did make sketches every day last week and today. And I'll even through in a guest sketch for a treat.

After my Trickster & Scotch sketches I decided to take a break from them and started working on something completely different. So I started doing a sketch that in my mind was to be named 'The Encounter'. I was more or less happy with the theme and general sketch of it (first sketch) but when I came back to work on it some more the next day I realized that I was falling out of love with it rapidly and could no longer work on it, so at the end of the day that sketch never went further than sketch two.

On Friday I worked on a sketch of things not going well for someone that tried to get the drop on a powerful young woman who is expertly trained. As well as dressed for a very exclusive night out.

And today's sketch is of some type of fantasy General, or some sort of Commander letting the stress of the impending combat situation get to him. The booze doesn't seem to be lifting his spirits, and the invitation of a comfortable bed with some warm company is being met with indifference. Let's hope that things end up working out for him and his party.

And the Guest Sketch Treat was done by my friend/coworker WB. It shows Trickster & Scotch fighting over the highly sought after keys to the motorcycle. Whoever has the keys gets to drive, while the other has to ride in the side-car. It also has a second sketch of the pair on said motorbike, and looks like Scotch lost out on getting the keys this time.

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