Friday, July 15, 2011


Well howdy there folks.

You might notice that this evening's posting is rather light on the visual material. Some might even say it's downright lacking in any artistic content at all.
And both of you are right.

I didn't get a sketch done during my lunch break today because I tried to work on my iaijutsu in a secluded corner of the office building. This is because I spent the evening feeling under the weather in our water closet at the apartment and didn't make it to class.

Then the day proceeded to get away from me while I was nose deep in Excel.
But I had the plan to do a pencil on paper sketch this evening at home.

But an animal emergency popped up causing me to make not one, but two runs to stores for products to help prevent any further blood from getting on the house and furnishings, as well as components to clean up said blood.


Well, I'll try to get a sketch done this weekend if I can. But it's gotten rather booked up so I'm not sure if I can really make that a promise.
I will try my best though.

See you all on the flip-flop.

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