Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pink Haired Fury

I'm often amused by what ends up inspiring me when I sit down with a sketch pad (digital or otherwise). Today's sketch is no exception.

Ok, so it's of a girl cleaning the evidence of a rather deadly encounter that has ended in her favor. She appears to be brandishing a Shirasaya (litterally, white scabbard) katana and cleaning it with the traditional rice paper. Though it could honestly be a rag. I didn't really go into much details showing the material used for this cleanup job.

But, after I had a quick sketch on a layer, I dropped in the background color. Then my hands decided to add in a pattern on her skirt which I really need to adjust as the dots are far to large for this image, but oh well. Then I added color. And for some reason I apparently needed to give her some pink-ish colored hair.

A few blood spatters, and some white on the blade and I decided to call it good. All in all the image took about 15 minutes in CS3 on my MacBook.

I'm hoping to get another sketch done this evening to make up for not getting one done yesterday, but I'm not counting on it.

Till the next time, have a great evening.

Update: Well it looks like the wifi here at work doesn't want me to upload the image so I'll have to post it later this evening. See ya'll later.

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