Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Princess of Mars

Good evening everyone. Well well, what a busy week this has been. I've been honestly trying to get my sketches done on time. But sometimes intentions just aren't meant to be realized.

But I did manage to get a sketch done tonight.

At work I took a little break and was looking at the works of two artists. The first one was Frank Cho, and the second one was Adam Hughes.

Of course both of these guys are known for their incredibly beautiful women. I'd say that few others can even compare with their sketches.
Frank's drawing style is of the more realistic, traditional fantasy school of illustration. But he also has a heavy american comics element to his figures. But when I see his illustrations, I'm often reminded of the works of Larry Elmore.

Adam Hughes on the other hand is master of his craft. He is able to travel from realistic high fantasy, american comics, animation and back again with the ease of a seasoned craftsman.
Which is not surprising considering that he is a legend in the industry. And while I don't draw with his style, I do often refer to him for inspiration.

And today I was inspired by both of them. I have started reading the book A Princess of Mars and surprise surprise, both of these illustrators have done fantastic renditions of the character Dejah Thoris from that book.

This evening, I present to you my very quick interpretation of the same character. It took about 25 minutes in CS3 using my Bamboo tablet on my trusty MacBook.

I hope you like, and I'll see you back here tomorrow for my Friday sketch. That does it for me tonight. Time for some rest. Good night everyone.

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