Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Helping family out...

Hi everyone.

Well in case anyone noticed, I didn't get a sketch done yesterday. And the reason for this is because I'm helping my cousin out with a Christmas present doing some image editing and testing for her.
Her project is super cute and will look really cool when it's all done.
Can't wait to see the finished results X-mas Eve.

Depending on her feedback this evening, I will probably not have a another sketch done for today either.

Work was quite a bit busier than I thought it would be, so my lunch flew by without me realizing it. And next thing I know it's almost 5 PM.
I might try to get in a fast sketch before I leave for the night, but I wouldn't count on it.

If all else fails I may do a pencil sketch after I decompress tonight and scan it in the morning.

But we'll have to see how the night plays out.

I'll see you all soon. And please forgive my lack of updates this week.

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