Thursday, February 17, 2011

My how time flies

I can't believe it's Thursday night already. I'm not exactly sure where this week has gone. But I do know that our housing situation, work and the periodical distractions of D&D books have been having a greater impact on time than I originally had thought.

I do know that I managed to work on two sketches this week so far. That's not good, considering I should have had 5 by the end of the day tomorrow. I will try my best to have a third done for posting tomorrow though.

The first sketch is me working out my new character in our next gaming campaign. I will be passing off the role of Dungeon Master to another eager companion and once again will be using my dice to combat baddies, rather than playing as them.
I have decided on portraying a Bard this venture, and I have some great ideas for the character. I really wish that I was able to play him from first level on, but the requirements of the next game are dictating that I start at a higher level so as to actually have a fair chance.
Anyway, this sketch is me working out what the character could be. Both visually and in my head. Not much to look at, but hey, it was a Monday 'warm up' sketch.

The second sketch is actually one that I have been working on a little bit over the last two days. It is of the oldest Stark children from the book A Game of Thrones. Sansa, as regal as ever despite her youth. Rob with his enthusiasm and desire to be the leader he knows he can be. And their half brother Jon Snow. The bastard with his own path to walk in the cold north.

Hope you all dig. I'll be back tomorrow sometime with my final update for the week. Though it looks like I'll have a few hours to myself on Sunday so perhaps I'll work on some more sketches to make up for the poor performance this week. Or maybe I'll spend that time playing video games.

I haven't quite decided yet.

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