Thursday, February 10, 2011

Why I didn't post a sketch yesterday

Well it happened again. I didn't post a sketch yesterday.
But I have a good reason for this. And mostly because it will also affect today as well.

First off work has me a little busy right now. But I should have this task handled today.

However, this weekend my gaming group and I are planning a power session to see if we can complete the campaign. So to prepare for that I have a lot of maps to draw before Saturday. I had to go get a pad of grid paper to help speed along the process last night. And boy, did it speed up my workflow.

In the past I had been either using the wet erase grid pads we have to draw out maps at game, or if I have the time I would make my own grid paper then draw the maps. This took a LOT of time.

Eliminating the grid drawing made it so I was able to blast out 3 maps last night, and I'm pretty sure I can get more done tonight. Which would be awesome considering I have 6 more maps to go.

So there you go. It's an excuse, but I feel that it's a pretty good one. I may not have sketched something, but at least I was still doing something artistic. And it is going to be used for the greater (geeky) good.

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