Monday, January 17, 2011


Wel well well... sometimes life can still surprise me.

Ok that's not exactly true. Life always surprises me. But today I actually came home to an empty condo as the GF and my daughter were out running some errands with the grandparents, so I was able to sit down and work on a quick sketch.

I wanted to keep it very loose this evening, mostly to just be sure to get a concept down on 'canvas' quickly, but also because I don't know when exactly my family will walk through the door.

I had a hard time thinking of something I could do really quickly, and in the end I still ended up working on a concept for another Bonnie Lass fan art. I will probably devote a good amount of this week to working on a new sketch so if I don't have any updates it will be because I'll just post the w.i.p after I post the final sketch.

In any case. I hope you all dig the 5 minute sketch and I'll see you back here for my next update.

Have a great evening.

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