Friday, January 14, 2011

Yesterday, by way of today

Hi everyone.

Really quick I wanted to prove that I was working on a sketch yesterday. But my time ran out rather quickly, and I went home to a very tantrum centric 2 year old so I didn't get the sketch either finished or updated.

So I'll post what I have so far now, and will work on it some more today.

It's of a character named Bonnie Lass and I found her book in the awesome Comics (iTunes link) application for iOS. It's a pretty fun comic and has some really great art by Michael Mayne. I really love his linework.
But while I was working on this sketch I realized that she was not curvy enough, so I'm going to work on that more today.

So enjoy the sketch. Pick up the Comics app (free) and buy Bonnie Lass and enjoy that comic.

See you later.

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