Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tink for Mya

Well, today's sketch started with good intentions and then fell apart.

I was completely drawing a blank when it came time to sit down for today's sketch. I mean completely. I didn't feel like drawing anything, and I was completely uninspired.
Well that's not exactly true. I considered doing another sketch of Miranda. Or possibly another from the book A Game of Thrones. But I was feeling like I needed to take a break from my usual sketching fare.

So, as the day was slipping away from me I remembered back to this morning when my daughter asked me to do a drawing of Tinkerbell for her in her new notebook.
I managed to give her a rather fast sketch with some serious scaling problems, but she's 2 so she thought it was great.

With this in mind I sat down to do a better version of my earlier attempt at the world's most famous fairy. And sadly I had just as many, if not more, problems with this sketch. Proportions, expression, layout and all around execution was a battle for me this time. Not to mention that my Bamboo stylus is really starting to fail. I have been way to hard on it these past few years, leading to many technical problems with SketchBook Express.

So with a little bit of a heavy heart I'm posting today's image. It's far from what I was trying to do. And honestly I'm really not happy with it. But I'd rather have something I don't like up on my blog than nothing at all. At least this way my pencil/stylus is staying active.

See you all tomorrow with a (hopefully) better sketch.

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