Friday, January 7, 2011

What a new year it's been.

Good afternoon everyone.

Well I managed to get a sketch done this week after all. And on Friday no less.

I haven't been able to get my sketching done on account of things being pretty busy for me this week. And I have been having some eye trouble as well, so until that was reigned back in sketching on the computer was a little agitating. But everything's on the mend and feeling better, plus I had a pretty slow day at work so I managed to put together a quick sketch.

Using a new application too. Fresh off of the newly launched Mac App Store, I found the application SketchBook Express. It is the lighter version of it's bigger brother but is pretty cool. In ways it reminds me of a mix between ArtRage (which you may remember is what I was sketching with before getting CS3) and Painter.
It has a really unique UI design that is pretty cool. And the pencil emulation is rather nice as well. I'll probably spend the rest of January playing around with this to see what all it can do for me.

So I present to you a very fast sketch of Jon Snow and his Direwolf from the book A Game of Thrones, which I am very much enjoying. This was not only an exercise in trying out a new tool, but it was also the first time I've drawn an animal in a very long time. I don't think it turned out that badly, but it really shows that I haven't been sketching much lately.
Have to fix that.

So have a great weekend all, and I'll see you back here on Monday.

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