Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Darnit! I can't believe I forgot to post my sketch last night.

I started the week with another sketch based off of the book Game of Thrones. This time of the young lord(ling) Rob Stark preparing for battle.

I didn't go into very many details with this sketch as I intended it to be more of a warmup sketch than anything else. I stuck with the grey tones for two reasons.
1. Grey and black are the house colors for the Stark family.
2. The book is rarely (if ever) written in black and white. Like real life, the story is varying shades of grey.

I did do one sketch over the weekend during our D&D game on Sat. I haven't scanned it, but I will probably take a picture of it and post it later.
To make up for the missed update yesterday.

This week I will be ordering some new art related stuff using some birthday money I got from my awesome family. I'll be getting a new stylus for my Bamboo tablet as my current one is getting very worn down through me using too much pressure two years ago (instead of checking on the tablet/pen settings). And I'm pretty sure that I'll be ordering Manga Studio Debut as well. I'm liking the way that program looks and I guess I can't be happy with only having 3 drawing/sketching programs to use.
But I'm pretty excited about getting these new tools.

Anyway, I'll see you all back here later with a new sketch for today.

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