Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What?!? It's Wednesday? What happened to last night?

Well crap. I totally broke my 'return to form' run on the ol blog didn't I?

To be fair, I did get a sketch done yesterday though. But when I got home I got caught up in, figuring out dinner, helping my daughter deal with having another cold, eating, and watching new episodes of Deadliest Catch and The Voice.

Then I got to work and fired up my laptop which then reminded me that, yes, I forgot to update my blog. Way to go dude. Not winning.

Anyway, I felt like doing things a little different yesterday so I did my sketch in SketchBookExpress instead of CS3 like I normally do.
I really like the digital pencil in this program, and someday, I plan on picking up the full version of it.

The sketch I did was once again of Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender. While I was on vacation last week my daughter and I watched some more episodes from Season 1 and we both thought it was getting pretty cool.
Add to that the fact that I'm a serious martial arts nut, I'm totally jazzed about the fact that the Airbender combat style is based off of Ba Gua Zhang. So of course I had to do a sketch of Aang practicing more of this internal martial art.

Hope ya'll dig it, and I'll see you back here later with another sketch.

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  1. Sometime you should check out Asketch on my iPad--pretty interestings use of multitouch for drawings and all menu choices, switching pencils, etc...