Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bad ninjaboy!

Greetings internet-land. Hope you all are having a nice start to this Memorial Day weekend (in the states).

Well, I didn't get a sketch done or posted on Thursday. And I did get a super fast sketch done on Friday, but I completely spaced getting it online.

So here is my 10 minute Sumo sketch from Friday.
A coworker and I were talking about the Machida Vs Couture fight and I was reminded that Machida has also studied Sumo. Which we figured was probably a good reason why he was able to shake off Randy pretty easily.
So I decided to do a super fast sketch of a Sumo Rikishi.

And also to make up for the missed sketch from Thursday, here is the only sketch I did last weekend during our D&D game.
It's of my Bard picking flowers to please a certain character from the party.

Hope you all can forgive me, and if I get the chance today I might actually work on another sketch.

See ya'll later.

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