Wednesday, June 29, 2011

An update and a snafu

Well, hey there everyone.

I meant to post my sketch on Monday, but completely got distracted and forgot to pull the laptop out to post it.

So I was going to post it yesterday, along with a new sketch. But not only was it my daughter's b-day yesterday that meant that we were having a lot of fun but I also had a hardware problem with my laptop that resulted in my MacBook rebooting its self.
Before I saved my new sketch.


I'll try to get that picture re-sketched today if I get the chance.

But in the meantime, here's the sketch I was going to post on Monday.

It's of one of the comical Marvel heroes, who apparently is one of the most badass in the universe. Squirrel Girl.
However, as per Saul's suggestion I tried to sketch her in the visual stylings of Frank Miller.
It was really different trying to do this style digitally. I find it easy to do in traditional media, but after some more time I'm sure it will be just as easy to do in pixels as well.

Hope you all like.

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