Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Week Condensed into One Post

Hi again.

Well, I didn't get any postings done this week. And a bulk of that was due to the fact that we were once again getting a different internet provider at home.

Another factor was me having enough time to do a fast sketch (almost) every day this week, but the next thing I knew the day was over, and I had to leave.
So here is my week-long backlog of sketches.

First, is based on the elven archer from the upcoming game Dragon's Crown by Vanillaware. I was a big fan of their previous game Odin's Sphere and am planning on playing their Wii game Muramasa sometime in the near future.

Next up is sketch of Solid Snake, inspired by a conversation I had at work on Tuesday about game pacing. It's no secret that MGS was, and still is, my favorite video game.

Wednesday's sketch was a super fast, and very sloppy scene of Spider-Man battling his nemesis, Venom. I realized that I really haven't been doing much more than sketches of a figure with no environment, or actual story. While this may have worked for the old Marvel Universe Trading Cards, it really starts to look one-dimensional and boring for a blog.

Thursday's sketch was going to be a rendition of Ayame from the Tenchu game series. But I only had a very short amount of time to work on the sketch, and was planning on re-visiting it later to finish it up.

Sadly, Friday was super busy for me and I ended up not working on Thursday's sketch any more. Nor did I work on a new sketch for that day. Bummer. And I was doing so well too.

Oh well, depending on how long my daughter's nap is today, I may get some more work done on the Ayame sketch. Or I'll just start a new one. But we'll see what happens.

Have a good weekend everyone.

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