Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Hi again. It's me. Ninjaboy back for another sketch for you.

I know, I know. I missed my sketch yesterday and I feel bad about that. But I managed to get the sketch that I was thinking about yesterday done today. Well, not really done. But at least put down in pixels and posted to the internets for you all to look at.

The sketch is of the character Cutter from the Elf Quest comic series. My brother and I were really into this series a long time ago, and he had all four of the original hardback trades. Which he let me take care of for him.

Hope you all dig the sketch and I'l see you back here for another sketch soon.
I have my martial arts class to watch (foot's still far from healed) tomorrow night, so I don't know if I'll get my sketch done tomorrow or not. I'll try though.

Have a good night.

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