Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What a Week it Has Been

Good evening out there in internet land.

I'm finally catching some time to update this ol' blog of mine. My absence lately has been largely in part to some rather big news at work, resulting in me now working for a new company and a sea change in the type of games my company makes, as well as a change in how we go about making these games.

There has been a lot to get educated on so far, with a lot more to come. And of course this is on top of continuing work on the project that I was already assigned to. So my free time has been rather sparse as of late.

Tomorrow I'm going to go to my martial arts class that I have now missed for an entire week, so that coupled with work doesn't lead me to believe that I'll be getting a sketch done tomorrow either.

So to make up for the previous lack of updates, and another one tomorrow, I'm finally posting some of the sketches that I've done recently.

Hope ya'll dig 'em and I'll try to get some more done in the near future.

Have a great evening.

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