Sunday, August 28, 2011

I did a Friday Sketch. Honest.

Friday did end with me having a sketch started. However, the actual posting of said sketch didn't really happen till, well, now.

Sunday morning.

Since I'm here with my daughter next to me watching How to Train Your Dragon, I decided I should be productive in one capacity or another. Other than babysitter.

So here is my sketch. I was intending it to be of a post apocalyptic woman doing what she needs to to survive. With a hockey stick.
But during the sketching, since I wanted this to be an under 15 minute sketch I kept everything pretty loose, and in trying to get the body pose refined I think I ended up making it look more like a dude than a dude-ette.

Oh well. At least it's a new sketch. Hope you all dig and I'll see you back here soon with another sketch.

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