Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Completed! Ryu and Chun Li

Well here it is. Finally completed. I ended up recoloring Chun Li's legs because the lighting on them was driving me crazy. I decided to go with a more simplified approach. I think they turned out ok. Not the best color job I've ever done. but all in all not that bad.
I think my next Street Fighter sketch (or even my next colored sketch in general) will be in the cell shaded style.
I also revisited how Ryu's hair was colored. Every time I looked at the previous version of it I would just get upset at my inability to 'paint' hair. So I tried to simplify it as well.
It didn't turn out as well as Chun Li's hair, but oh well, it's better than it was before.

I also cropped the image a bit, and added a little blur to the image to soften it a bit, and create a better focus point in the image. I don't think I succeeded in the latter but the former worked out. :P
And I changed the background color to one that would make both characters pop out a little more. Hopefully it's not too much of an affront on color theory. I'm colorblind, so there. :P

All done in CS3 on my MacBook using my trusty Bamboo tablet.

See you all back here for another sketch.

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