Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Return!

Hi everyone. You may have noticed that I hadn't done an update in a while. A long while. Some stuff came up that demanded my attention and continues to do so. I will make an effort to stay on top of my postings, but there may be a few more missed sketches in the near future. Sadly. But I thought I'd just get that out there now. And if it doesn't happen, then hey bonus.

I didn't know if I'd have time for a new sketch today so I decided to finish up the last sketch I posted of Michelangelo. I finished up some line work, as well as fixed the 'chucks in his right hand. The lower handle was bigger than any of the other ones, so I made an attempt to scale it accordingly.

Then I added some basic colors. Nothing fancy. Just some splashes to get color in there. I personally think this one came out looking pretty good. Kind of a mix between the comic series and the original cartoon from the 80s. And yes, he has a red mask on. In the original comics all of the turtles had red masks. That's one of the reasons why the writing of the original books was so good. Even though the turtles all basically looked the same, through dialog and the art you were always able to tell who was who. Even if they weren't holding their weapon.

Again, done in CS3 on my MacBook using the Bamboo tablet.

My next posting will be a new sketch. Promise.

See you all next time. Same sketch time. Same sketch channel.

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