Wednesday, August 19, 2009

He may be whiney, but he does become a cool character

Hi everyone, welcome back for another installment of Sketch A Day (roughly).

You may have noticed another missed posting yesterday, well that's in no small part to some life stuff that has cropped up involving my domicile. And it may prevent me from doing some future updates as well. So in the event that I miss any more sketches in the days to come, please, don't revolt in the streets. I will get some sketches in when I can.

Which brings us to today's sketch. I was able to watch not only Star Wars: A New Hope, but also The Empire Strikes Back a couple of days ago. And as such, my love of the series was refreshed. So much so that I even started reading the Star Wars manga again. Starting with A New Hope (the true, first episode in the series).

So today's sketch is heavily inspired by those books. It's very rough right now so I'll probably go back and finish it up in the near future.

Hope you all dig.

See you back here for the next update.

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