Thursday, August 5, 2010

Chun Li's humble beginnings

Well, it's that time again. You guessed it. Time for a new sketch.

I did get to read some of that magazine I posted about yesterday (and it's awesome by the way; tons of great information and tips/tricks), however I didn't really have time to use anything I read about today. Work was finally busy, then this eveningI ended up kinda busy as well.

I took a few minutest to get in front of my Bamboo tablet and wouldn't you know it... I was struck with a bit of artist's block. Inspiration took a flight out of the window. Which is funny because I just opened a window in the condo to cool it off.

Anyway, I just decided to do a sketch along the same line as my young Ken and Ryu sketches. This time I decided to sketch a young Chun Li during her early gung fu training. Her sifu decided to let her take a short break from wooden dummy work. She ended up looking older than I originally planned, but at least the sketch isn't that bad.

Anywho, time to get ready for bed. See you all online tomorrow for my Friday sketch.

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