Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Relax and let the Force, guide your attack

Hi again. Well it's time for my Tuesday update.

I can't exactly tell you what made me draw a Padawan and Jedi master training with lightsabers. I always thought that it would be fun to watch or read about how the Jedi taught lightsaber combat.
The one good aspect of the most recent Star Wars trilogy was that the lightsaber combat was more flowing and based on Wushu, while the lightsaber combat of the original (and only real) Star Wars films were based off of Kendo. This progression was realistic as Japanese martial arts originated in China and Mongolia.

However, the timeline progression from Episodes 1-3 to Episodes 4-6 was too short for that amount of combative evolution. It took hundreds of years for Kendo to evolve from the chinese and mongolian sword styles.

Oh well, I'm just being an overly picky martial artist.

Anyway, the actual sketch only took me around 15 minutes today. But I spent another 20 minutes working on the lightsaber blade. It's not the best I could do, but it was good enough for today.

Hope you all dig the sketch and I'll see you back here tomorrow. Good night.

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