Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jury Duty and a Relaxing Night

Hi everyone.

Well as you have no doubt noticed, I have missed a few sketches this week. Monday and Tuesday were a wash on account of having to report in for Jury Duty. Then having a bunch of stuff to do around the condo afterwords.

And I missed posting yesterday's sketch as I got home and had a very relaxing evening with my family which caused time to fly by at an exponential rate. So to make amends here is my sketch of Cammy from yesterday.

It was more of an experiment with a new set of brushes I got from the ImagineFX magazine I picked up last month. What a fantastic magazine. And if I ever get some extra cash I will probably subscribe to it. Really a wealth of information, inspiration and free tools.

Anyway, I hope you all dig the sketch and I'll get another one done and posted today.

See you all back online later.

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