Thursday, August 12, 2010

So close...

Good evening everybody.

Well I got home this evening, took care of some laundry. Ate some dinner. Did some pushups and crunches. And got my laptop out on the couch to work on my Thursday sketch.

I reached into my messenger bag and retrieved my Bamboo tablet from the main pocket where it can be found when I travel with it. But what good is the tablet without the USB cable to connect it to my trusty MacBook? Not much good, that's for sure.

And lastly, I need my stylus to work, on the sketch... that's weird. It's not in the usual pocket.

Maybe it's in here. No.

Here? Nope.

Damn. I know exactly where it is. My desk at work.

Sorry everyone. I was ready to do some sketching tonight, but now that it's 11 PM, I don't really feel like hastling with my scanner.

I'll get another sketch done tomorrow. and I hope to get two done to make up for this forgetfulness.

Have a great evening everyone and I'll see you again tomorrow.

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