Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Good evening out there in internet land.

Hope you're all enjoying a nice fall night. Perhaps with a scary movie. Or a cup of tea or coffee. Or even a slice of pumpkin pie.

When fall rolls around, especially the Halloween time, the anime Vampire Hunter D jumps into my thoughts. I remember the first time I watched it on cable. If I recall correctly it was part of a mini-anime-marathon. I believe it consisted of Casshan, Robot Carnival, Vampire Hunter D and there may have been another one in there.

I started to do this sketch yesterday, and due to a crazy filled night didn't get it fleshed out, or posted. So I decided to continue working on it today and made quite a few adjustments along the way as well. And even as I was starting to flesh out the rendering I realized that I really should have raised D's right hand more as it's really static right now. Having the sword pointing down to the right corner would give the illustration the life that it is sorely lacking.

Which is kind of amusing considering the fact that D is half vampire.

Anyway, despite the lack of emotion/movement, I hope you like the sketch. See you tomorrow for my next sketch.

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