Saturday, October 16, 2010

Thai Boxer

Well, I'm getting this one in under the wire aren't I.

Tonight's sketch is of a Thai boxer. Practicing his leg checks. One of the most amazing things about Muay Thai kickboxing is their use of the shins.

They are both offense (destructive kicks with the shin bone to the legs, body and head) as well as defensive. They use the shins to block those kicks coming in to the legs using them like sharpened shields.

I've seen a lot of fighters unable to walk after a round of effective usage of Thai leg kicks. The muscles swell up and block the blood flow in the large arteries of the leg. Which of course leads to the leg starting to shut down, as well as some major discomfort. Obviously.

Anyway, tonight's sketch is a homage to that amazing utilization of the lower extremities. Hope you all enjoy it.

Have a great weekend.

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