Thursday, October 14, 2010

Peter and the Love of His Life

Good evening everyone and of course it's time for another Thursday update.

Today's sketch is another Spiderman illustration. Oddly enough when I sat down to do my sketch today, my original idea was something a lot darker and more violent. But when I started working on the figure layout, I had the sudden urge to draw my favorite web slinger and his lovely wife.

Yes, as far as I'm concerned Peter and MJ are still married. Their relationship, and balancing their real lives with the super hero world was one of the most entertaining dramas I remember in Marvel back then. Tuning in every month was so much fun, not just because of the great action and humor that you expected to see during the usual Marvel outing. But you never knew what was going to find its way into the private lives of our heroes.

Anyway, I hope you all like the sketch. I'm off to bed now. Enjoy.

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