Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Sketch, Part 2

Good evening everyone.

I had some time today to do more work on my Halloween sketch again. Yesterday didn't quite work out for me, so I had to go another day this week without an update. I guess it's not that surprising seeing as how we're getting ready for our Halloween weekend. One party for us, and an fun filled day with our daughter. Time just slips away faster than I'd like sometimes. Oh well.

I refined the face of the vampire, spending the most time on his eyes. I was really trying to get the demonic frenzy of the Chiroptera from the OVA, Blood the Last Vampire. The eyes caused me to redo the vampire's face at least twice today. After calling it quits on his face, I decided to started to refine the girls face as well. Tomorrow I hope to finis the sketch up some more.

I hope you all enjoy the sketch and I'll see you back here, one more time before the weekend.

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