Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I, Am, Return

Well well well, good evening everyone out there on the internet. I hope you all have been having a great holiday season and that you got everything you were hoping for.

Believe it or not, but I actually did a pencil on paper sketch last week but I haven't had time to scan it in. And just as I predicted the holidays have kept me rather busy. Well, the holidays and a cold moving through my household.

I could have done some sketching last night, but instead I ended up getting sucked into the book A Game of Thrones. It really is a wonderfully written tale and even though I'm still in the beginning, I feel like I've known these characters for a long time. I'm really excited to see how the story progresses.

And tonight I actually sat down with my laptop after my daughter and my mom both went to bed (we're visiting Grammie to give the GF some peace so she can kick the crud she came down with). The first sketch is of Miranda from Mass Effect 2.

Yes, I know I'm like a couple of years late to get on this bandwagon, but I just played through the downloadable demo that was released on PSN on Christmas (while I was home with some of the crud as well... Merry Christmas to me) and I'm really digging the game. I was completely not a fan of Dragon Age, so I was a little weary of Mass Effect as I figured it would play the same as DA. Needless to say that I was wrong, and thank goodness for that. I'll be picking the game up on PS3 as soon as it comes out. Maybe I should try to play through the first one in the meantime...

And my second sketch is inspired by the afore mentioned book, A Game of Thrones. This time of a weathered king with a heavy soul burdened by the weight of his position in the lands.

Hope you all enjoy, and I'll try to get some more sketching done during the rest of my vacation.

And if that doesn't happen, have a Happy New Year. Stay safe and I'll see you in 2011.

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