Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cold Snap

Hi everyone.

I'm sitting here listening to the latest series in the Penny Arcade, PvP, Wil Wheaton Dungeons & Dragons podcasts. As usual the adventures of Acquisitions Incorporated continue to make me want to game again. While at the same time cause me to laugh out loud, multiple times. It would be so much fun to roll dice with these guys.

Anyway, their latest adventure starts in the winter and they have to trek to a dwarven town in the snow. This made me want to do a sketch of a character undergoing a similar voyage. I haven't done a snowy sketch in quite some time. I actually like the way that it turned out. I tried some new tricks in how I colored the image. Some of them I'll end up using again.

Hope you all like it. See you back here for another sketch later today.

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