Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Beauty in the Darkness

Well, I managed to get one sketch done today. And I decided to actually spend some time doing a little digital coloring as well, seeing as how I would only be able to get one in.

While I was on my vacation I stumbled upon the new book written by one of my favorite fantasy artists. Brom. I didn't even realize that he was now painting pictures with words (read: an author) and his new book sounds like it's probably a really good read.

Since then I've had Brom's style of illustration stuck in my head. So I guess it ended up having a little influence on today's sketch. Not overly, but the composition and pose does remind me of his work a bit. One of these days I might actually sit down and see if I can digitally paint in a style like him. His use of colors is really interesting and fantastically unique.

Anyway, the sketch is of a woman Drow warrior. I didn't really finish it, as it got late and I want to be in bed before midnight (I'm cutting it close as is). I hope you all dig it, and I'll see you back here for another sketch later.

Oh yeah, I'm also working on changing my signature to be a little more, adult I guess. I have been using the other one since highschool. And while I still like that signature, I'm starting to feel like it might need an update. I'm also still thinking about switching to my ninja logo (that I posted earlier). Oh well, we'll see what happens.

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