Thursday, January 7, 2010

Young Kotaro

Hi everyone. Well, I wanted to be asleep by now, but looks like that didn't exactly happen.

Today's sketch is of a character in a story I would love to put on paper/digital paper sometime. After graduating from the Art Institute, I had started creating a story about a young orphan boy growing up near Iga in ancient Japan. He was a tough youth, who was looking out for himself. Doing odd jobs for some scrap to get rice and trying to find a comfortable place to sleep at night. A chance encounter with a rather unconventional Samurai to the local lord results in an instant friendship. The boy's new friend had an incredibly light hearted demeanor, but underneath this aloofness was a tremendous martial artist. He had skills that seemed extraordinary. As their friendship continued, the Samurai started training the boy in martial arts. But it was unlike the other arts the local martial artists where practicing.
The boy was very sharp, and recognized this, and combined with the fact that the Samurai urged him to keep their training secret, realized that the Samurai was Shinobi and was training him in Ninpo.

I know, I know. What a generic story right? But I want the story to be more about the relationship between the two, and an inevitable tragedy that would forever affect them both, than the normal Ninja story. More like a Ninja version of The Karate Kid (the real one, not the bull$#!T remake that is coming out soon... sorry Jackie, but it does look awful).

Anyway, I wanted to get another quick sketch of the young boy (perhaps named Kotaro) training. It was created in CS3 on my MacBook using my trusty Bamboo tablet. Hope you all dig it. See you tomorrow.

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