Thursday, January 14, 2010

Not the most magical sketching night

Well, what can I say. Last night was just not a very inspired, or cooperative sketching night.

My bamboo tablet just refused to work. And when I sat down to sketch, well, as you can see, my hands just didn't want to work with my imagination very well.

I was listening to the Dragons of the Hourglass Mage audio book, so I was in a 'magical mood' which had me trying to draw Zatanna. Very, very poorly. Which led me to drawing a sketch of the Hourglass Mage himself. Again, poorly. And by that time I was basically done for the night. I put in a late night at work, and my sketching frustration reinforced that it was time for bed.

They can't all be winners. But, then again, that's what this blog is about for me. Keeping me sketching, regardless of quality or outcome. So in that spirit last night was still a success.

Hopefully today will flow a little better for me.

See you all later.

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