Thursday, February 11, 2010

Finally, a new update

Good evening everybody.

I have for you another 10 minute sketch. This Thursday sketch is of the character Shampoo, from the manga and anime Ranma 1/2.

I must admit, I wanted to do a sketch of her because I am currently using a killer wallpaper of her on my MacBook. It's one of a series of wallpapers that are incredibly clean (probably vectors) with a single hiragana. I'm a big fan. And not surprisingly, it became an influence for my sketching imagination.

The GF and I have the first season of Ranma 1/2 on DVD, and we both really enjoyed it. Truth be told, I was already a fan of the series before then. It was one of the first anime I watched after I realized what anime was, and that I was a fan of the medium. The local video store back home in AK only had the second movie on VHS, so that was all I had seen of the series before going to AIS. And while there I watched quite a bit of the regular series. Rumiko-chan is amazing at what she does. Her characters are so lively and unique. Her drama is so endearing and believable.

We'll have to get the second season soon.

The sketch was done in around 10 minutes in CS3 on my MacBook, using my Bamboo tablet (which decided to cooperate with me today). Hope you all dig, and I'll see you back here tomorrow.

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