Monday, September 14, 2009

It's a Cat Man! And another loss.

Hi everyone. Sorry for the late posting, but it's still Monday. Ha ha! Still on time.

And I even have a bonus piece today. Though it comes to us through another loss in Hollywood. More on that later.

The first sketch was inspired by one of my favorite PSP games, Jeanne d'Arc. I believe I've talked about this game before, but I got the chance to spend some time with it again today and I had almost forgotten how much I enjoyed playing it. It really was a well done tactics rpg. Fantastic art and environments, and very user friendly gameplay. Not to say that it's not a deep game. The skill blending system and equipment for each character is very much like materia from Final Fantasy VII. If you haven't played it yet, you really should. Anyway, one of the characters that will eventually join your party is a lion character. I thought might be fun to draw something like that, so I tried my hand at drawing one myself. I didn't wasn't that thrilled with this sketch, but before I was able to start a new one that might make me a little happier, I read some sad news...

Now for the second picture. I'm sure you're all aware by know that Patrick Swayze lost his fight with cancer today. Whenever I think of Patrick Swayze I think of my favorite, and possibly the funniest SNL skit with Chris Farley (yeah, you know the one) and one of the coolest martial arts movies I've never seen unedited. Roadhouse. And how could you not love Point Break? I mean, it was such a fun movie. And Patrick was such a badass in that movie. Probably one of my all time favorite 'bad guys' you end up routing for.
After I read a news report about his passing I ended up doing what so many other people on the interwebs probably did as well. Google image searched him. I was originally looking for a picture from that epic SNL skit, but instead I stumbled upon a picture of him from Roadhouse. And much to my surprise, he's practicing Wing Tsun. I suddenly knew that I had to sketch that picture in tribute to him.

Another star has moved up to skies to shine even brighter. Have fun with your friends and family up there.

And to you all out there, be healthy, happy and safe. Good night everyone. See you back here tomorrow for another sketch of the day.

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