Friday, September 18, 2009

Ready to fight

Hi everyone, and happy Friday.

I ended up having a different kind of busy day at work so I didn't get a sketch done earlier. But I do have the condo to myself this evening so I decided to open Potoshop on the MacBook while I'm watching some UFC on Spike.
I've probably watched more UFC this week than I have in a the last year. This last weekend was a marathon of The Ultimate Fighter, Season 2. Then there's been a few re-airings of the UFC's top 100 (I didn't watch them all, don't worry) and some really awesome Fight Nights. Seriously. I think I've watched some UFC every night since Saturday. Yeah, that's a lot.

Anyway, I can't help that it inspired me. The first sketch was totally a warmup, and I for some reason I wanted to draw an old fashioned boxer. There are elements of it I like. The trunks and the waistline. But I lost interest in it pretty quickly. I then started over again. I was watching an Anderson "the Spider" Silva retrospective and as such it had a significant influence in the second sketch. I'm fairly happy with this one. There's more that I'd like to do/fix with the piece, but I decided that I need to get the update posted instead.

Hope you all dig, and I'll see you all back here on Monday.

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