Thursday, September 10, 2009

A-Ko, revisited

Hi everyone. I haven't forgotten you. I happened to have quite a bit of spare time today to devote to a sketch. Lame day at work, lots of hurry up and wait. Good times.
Anyway, since I had some time, I wanted to revisit a sketch from earlier this week. Namely, my A-Ko picture. All in all, I didn't really think that my previous posting captured what I loved about the movie. So I decided to remedy that. She's now a lot more dynamic, having just pounded her way through lots of robots created by B-Ko. Or maybe she has been fighting an invading race of aliens trying to capture C-Ko. Eh, either way, you decide.
She's obviously had a rough time at it, but is about ready to deliver a very impressive counterattack.

This sketch came together much more inline with what I had in my head. It was nice to get a decent sketch in. Hope you all like it as well.

As usual, it was created in CS3 on my MacBook using my Bamboo tablet. Which I think will be needing a new pen sometime soon. Something to add to my Xmas list. LOL

See you all back here next time.

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