Monday, September 28, 2009

Peace Walker

Hi everyone. Welcome back to the Monday installment of ninjaboy's sketch-a-day. Hope you all had a great weekend. We had a good time enjoying, what will probably be the last bit of 'summer weather' here in the pacific northwest.

Today's sketch is another Metal Gear Solid inspired piece. This time inspired by the upcoming release Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. From what I can tell it will be on the PSP and looks like a legitimate solo-sneaking mission on the handheld. Once again I'm filled with conflicting emotions. And sadly, the first one that I felt wasn't joy.
It was apprehension.
First off, I'm scared that it will once again be problematic for my red/green colorblind eyes. As I've stated multiple times in the past, I was unable to play MGS 3: Snake Eater due to my colorblindness. And since then I haven't really been able to invest myself into another MGS release. I don't have a PS3, so no MGS 4 for me. And I wasn't very thrilled with MGS: Portable Ops due to the fact that I don't want to manage a team.
Which is the second reason for my apprehension.
I never played the MGS games because I thought, hey someday I would love to manage a team. I wanted to play Snake, and work my way through a really rich story and world, encounter multiple interesting characters and ultimately fight a tremendously dangerous robotic vehicle.
And looking at the trailer, there are multiple Snakes (or Big Bosses to be more correct). I don't want to have to manage another team. I just want to kick ass and get through the story.
But other than those concerns... I think I'd like to play the game.

At any rate, it got me wanting to do a sketch of Snake/Big Boss seeking cover from another larger robotic vehicle. The sketch was done in CS3 on the MacBook using the trusty Bamboo tablet.

Hope you all dig it and I'll see you back here for another sketch.

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