Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A double shot of Gung Fu

Hi everyone. Welcome to another installment of barely in time sketch-a-day.

Today I present to you two very loose sketches inspired by Gung Fu. In particular, the staff forms of Gung Fu. While I did enjoy practicing the Bo forms in the Karate style I practiced, as well as the Jo movements I learned from friends who have dan ranks in Aikido, watching the staff movements from various Gung Fu styles and movies is hands down more entertaining. The staff is almost a perfect representation of the martial arts. It's movements are fast and fluid. Weaving natural patterns and lines around the practitioner. All while delivering incredible force and strength with each strike.

Both the Gung Fu staff and spear movements are incredible to watch, and I can imagine, practice as well.

Some of my favorite Gung Fu spear fighting seen in film is at the beginning of The Drunken Master 2. The sword & spear fight that takes place under and around the train car (part of which can be seen at the end of this video clip) is just fantastic. One of the many reasons why that is my favorite Jackie Chan movie.

Anyway, I hope you all get a kick (no pun intended) out of these, very rough, sketches. Both of which were created in CS3 on my MacBook using the good ol' Bamboo.

PS: Yes, I'm aware that I didn't get these in before midnight. So I guess you'll all just get a tripple shot Wednesday.

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