Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Matthias, finally realized...

Hi everyone, and welcome back to an all new sketch-a-day. Once again I decided to do another pencil on paper sketch.

I wanted to try my hand at drawing Brian Jacques' character Matthias again. I had sketched out a humanistic mouse character around 4 years ago in a sketchbook, and I found that sketch recently. Which seems to be good timing, as I've been thinking about the Redwall books lately. They were such wonderfully crafted stories, with vivid characters, and you could tell that the author really loved the world he was creating.

I had the opportunity to meet Brian Jacques when I was in middle school. I had a friend able to go to his presentation, due to the fact that he was in honors english. Actually, I believe the rest of the kids that attended the presentation were in honors classes as well. I was bummed out a little, as his bio sounded interesting and I had a strange feeling like I had seen his books before. And that's when I heard the intercom in my Science room turn on and ask my teacher if I was there. He said I was, and the squakbox on the wall then said that I was to be released for the Brian Jacques presentation. At that time I realized that my mother, who was a lunch duty at my middle school and working on getting into the Special Education department as an aid, pulled some strings and got me into something that she thought I'd really enjoy. I never really thanked her for that. And I think I will the next time I see her.

He was utterly charming. His british accent was so real. His jokes were so dry. But he loved being there, talking to us. It was refreshing to listen to an adult talking to a room of 6th graders, and it was clear that he honestly loved talking to us and telling us about being a writer.

I started reading his books that day and kept reading them for a full year. Maybe more. And it's because of that I wanted to try my hand at drawing his character Matthias. Hope you all enjoy it, and if you get the chance please read Redwall. You won't regret it.

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