Thursday, October 1, 2009

Chinese Character Sketch

Hi everyone. Welcome back to ninjaboy's sketch-a-day. Thursday edition.

I'm not exactly sure why I decided to draw a chinese 'period piece' styled character. I was looking at some Sean Galloway sketches and for some reason decided to do a character sketch in a similar style.

But this time I decided to return to a sketching style I was using a couple of months ago, and have since completely forgotten about. I laid out a rough character gesture on a layer, then went in on top of it, fleshing out the character. I'm surprised that I stopped doing this as it really let me get work done faster than I have been. I'll have to employ this tactic more often.

anyway, the character pose and some of the lines were inspired by how Sean draws his characters and costumes. I love how his costumes have such weight on a figure, while staying completely cartoony at the same time. Just awesome.

Anyway, hope you all dig and I'll see you back here tomorrow for another Friday sketch.

Later gaters.

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