Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Ken, to make up for a miss

Good evening everyone.

Wow, I got 2 days into the week before I missed a post. I'm really bumming about that.

My day got pretty darn busy yesterday, and when I got home I realized that I left my Bamboo tablet at work. And I didn't get the chance to do a traditional sketch and scan it in before passing out. So yeah, I missed a post.

I didn't want that to happen again today, so I managed to work in a 30 minute sketch of everyone else's favorite Street Fighter, Ken.

I don't think I've done many sketches of him in the past. Even though I like his design better than his counterpart's. Weird.

Anyway, this one took about 3o minutes in CS3, and most of that time was spent playing around with colors. Hope you all get a kick out of it. And I'll see you back here tomorrow for my Friday posting.

Good night everyone. Oosu!

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