Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Hi there everyone.

Sorry for the no-post yesterday, but I'm actually working on a design project for a family member so I decided to use my lunch break for that instead of posting my sketch a day drawing.
When I'm done with the designs, and I get permission, I might post them here for you all to see.

But now on to today's drawing. When I awoke this morning and was walking to the car, the grey skies and somewhat cool temperature caused me to have a wicked case of the deja vu. Suddenly, and without warning, I was whisked away to my 15th birthday in Anchorage. It was a rather interesting day. My family did try to make it fun for my brother and I, but a combination of the weather and other life factors, our energy and demeanor started to reflect the skies above us. But I did get a rather significant comic, or rather manga, that day. I walked out of Bosco's Comics with the first issue of Akira.
I was already a fan of the anime, but I really wanted to dive into the manga. It was fantastic.
But oddly enough, every time the skies are a particular shade of grey, I think of that manga.
So here is a sketch of Tetsuo. Not as he appears in the first issue of the manga, but I wanted to draw him as a badass. So there.

Done using the free version of ArtRage on my MacBook and using my Bamboo tablet.

See you all next time.

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