Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April, the First

I had some co-workers show me an April Fools Joke they found incredibly funny. Since I don't play any MMO games, a few of the jokes were lost on me. But one of the jokes was really funny. Especially the third video on the page.
I haven't played Diablo since the first one back before I moved down to Seattle after high school. I had a lot of fun with it, but I never finished it.
The only part of Diablo 2 I've experienced is the AMAZING soundtrack.
But this character, the Archivist, has a really great design and honestly it's making me want to play the game. I actually wish it were a real in-game character (crossing my fingers).

So here's my quick rendition of this sad, confused and bewildered adventurer. I actually would love to flesh this out and make a more finished piece out of it. Perhaps someday.

As usual this was done on my MacBook with the free version of ArtRage and using my Bamboo tablet.

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