Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Too sleepy...

Hi there everyone.

I finally got to sit down with the laptop at 11:35 PM tonight and well... I'm just too tired (read: lazy) to hook up my bamboo tablet and do another sketch.

But I do want to share some inspiration with you. Jason Chan is an artist that I have been aware of online for a long time now. I remember finding his old website when he was in school and posting his art online. He did some updating after that, but after a little hiatus from posting online he returned with a drastically refined digital painting style. And he continues to improve and inspire me.

I know, you wouldn't really know it from looking at my sketches. But this guy has really got me to start rethinking how I want to tackle digital sketches and coloring.

Big props to you Jason. You're the shizznit!

Well that's all I've got for today/tonight. Time to sleep and see if I have any dreams that will inspire my sketch to make up for the missing one(s).

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